How to Prepare for Your Reading

How to Prepare for Your Reading

Are you interested in your overall health or have any concerns about your body? Does something feel “off” or perhaps you have tried to pinpoint an issue with your doctor(s), but they cannot find any root cause for your illness? Scheduling a medical based intuitive reading will likely help to get you the answers you need and help give you the root cause of the issues which will provide the road towards your healing.

Do you need to connect to a loved one who has passed over? Losing someone is incredibly difficult. When it happens in an unexpected way or in a tragedy, it is even more crushing. Scheduling a reading with a medium can help you connect to the spirit of your friend or family member. Perhaps you need closure, didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, are looking for some answers, want to know if they have any messages for you, or just feel like you need to connect to them, a reading can bring you the peace of mind you need.

No matter what type of reading you choose, there are some important steps you can take to make the most out of your reading. If it is your first-time meeting with an Intuitive, or even if you’ve met with one before, these suggestions will help you prepare…

Take the time to focus on your intention of your reading. Being very clear about the type of information you feel that you need, or questions you would like answered, will give you the best results from your session.

Concentrating on your energy is also very important. Being in a positive frame of mind, lovingly welcoming whatever loved one or message is meant to come through is important. Positive and loving energy is easier for spirits to communicate with, as opposed to negative and dark, depressive energy. Keep your mind clear and your energy up.

Sometimes we are surprised with the spirit or messages that come through. Be open to the information and messages you receive. While we may not immediately understand or connect the dots on all of the information being delivered, don’t immediately discount it – it may make sense later and perhaps it is described in a way that doesn’t initially make sense to you. Oftentimes, after the session, we have an aha! moment or share the information with family, and then the pieces come together, and we understand the message(s).

In order to remember the details of your reading, bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Readings can be filled with so many details and messages, and you want to remember every moment. By taking notes, you can revisit the information and retain the messages from your reading without fear of forgetting the precious details. If possible, it’s a great idea to record your session to listen to again later.

Make sure to turn off or silence your cell phone. Although we feel glued to our phones, the time you put aside for your reading is important. Neither you nor the Intuitive will want to be distracted or interrupted by a ringing phone. Take this time to focus on the special information and messages you are receiving from spirit.

Also, remember to take time to prepare yourself physically. Get a good night’s sleep so that you are well rested. Eat a clean, healthy meal to nourish your body so that you are feeling physically well. Allow plenty of time before and after your appointment, so that you’re not feeling rushed and distracted. Wear comfortable clothes so you are comfortable. Take a few minutes to meditate or take a few deep breaths to relax prior to your session.

Whether you are scheduling a medical intuitive session, a medium based reading, or an intuitive counseling reading, by taking these simple steps, you can easily prepare for your session. Relax and enjoy your reading, and appreciate the messages shared with you from your loved ones.