Mediumship and Religion

Mediumship and Religion

To seek out the services of a Medium – someone who has the ability to communicate with loved ones or close friends who have passed on before us – is not meant to go around God or our respective faiths. Although the labels used to describe someone with this ability may be different — be it an Intuitive, Medium, or Healer – it has been referred to across all different religious belief systems.

Although some Christians might have been told that it is wrong to seek out the guidance or even meet with a psychic or Medium, they may be surprised to hear that there are examples of such communication abilities written within the Bible.

Christianity talks about the Holy Spirit communicating with the living and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Bible also provides an example of Jesus speaking with Moses and Elijah after they had physically passed, in Matthew 17, the Transfiguration. These examples show us that it is possible to feel the Spirits on the other side in Heaven.

Even if our faith is strong, losing a loved one – be it expected or unexpected – is incredibly difficult. And even if we truly believe they are in Heaven, it’s natural for us to want to ensure that they are okay and at peace. Many people contact a Medium or Intuitive to seek confirmation from them, hoping for any kind of message letting us know they are still with us in spirit and that they are, indeed, safe and at peace.

Mediums and Intuitives will often stress that they cannot choose what information they receive all the time; it is up to the Spirit. Although we may want to hear specifically from, for example, a parent who has passed, a Medium cannot control the energy that chooses to come through to them. They can, however, share with you the messages that they do receive from the Spirits that do come through to contact you.

Mediums have developed the ability to sense and connect with the energy of souls who have passed, sharing the information and messages they receive to their clients. They believe their gifts and abilities are given to them by God, in order to help those who need confirmation that life does really go on after “death.”

There is nothing wrong with meeting with a Medium. They are not trying to undo or go around any of your religious beliefs…what they do try to do, is back up your beliefs and offer up messages from your loved ones that, yes, life does go on, and that we will all be together again. Receiving messages from those who have passed is reassuring, comforting, and oftentimes provides great healing.