What Happens to a Soul Who Dies From Suicide?

What Happens to a Soul Who Dies From Suicide?

Suicide is an extremely difficult topic to discuss. Losing someone to suicide is devastating – be it a family member, a friend, or anyone else who has touched our life, experiencing the loss of a soul in this manner can change us forever.

Unfortunately, it does happen. Suicide has been described as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Although this statement does hold true, one can never truly know what goes through the mind and soul of one who has chosen to leave us in this manner. Some souls may have unintentionally extinguished their journey in this life, perhaps via an unintended drug overdose or other manner. Other souls may have very intentionally ended their path in this life in order to try to escape their pain, physical or emotional, in an effort to gain relief and end their suffering.

The surviving loved ones are left to only imagine the type of pain and anguish their loved one must have been experiencing in order to want to leave this life and move into the next life so quickly. Survivors often carry a sense of guilt thinking that there must have been something they could have said or done, or that maybe they missed a red flag, warning them this was a possibility, and that perhaps they could have prevented the suicide and save their loved one. Sadly, those who have passed through suicide do not generally warn anyone prior to this decision or exhibit their true internal feelings – they instead pretend that everything is fine.

After the departed soul has left their physical body, we are left with the devastation of the loss of their presence. We are left with questions, heartbreak, loss, shock, and concern for their soul’s journey. Where exactly are they now, and can we still communicate and continue our relationship with them…albeit in a completely different manner?

The most important thing to know is – they live on and are still near you. You can still communicate with them. Although they are no longer physically here, they haven’t left you.

A medium can help you communicate with those souls who have transitioned from this lifetime to the next one, regarding not only where and how they are now, but also share very important messages to the family and friends they have physically left behind. Hopefully, this information will bring some amount of peace and comfort to those of us who have grieved the loss of someone who physically left us and has moved on to the ethereal realm.

The most common message they want to share is that they are sorry. Sorry for the way that they left, and they are sorry for the hurt and pain that they caused.

A reading with a Medium can make a connection with your loved one and provide details to you that only you would be able to know. Receiving these pieces of information can provide some peace in knowing that their spirit does continue to live on and that they are and continue to be with you.